How to Create a Gmail Account?

Gmail Account

How to Create a Gmail Account?

There have been many email service providers on the Internet throughout history. The most popular search engine Google has its own email service. Google calls it Gmail. Gmail is very popular right now. We can surely say that more than 60% of internet users use Gmail as their primary email service provider.

Even though Gmail is very popular and it has been around for quite a while, some people did not manage to figure out how to open a Gmail account. Today’s article is about opening a Gmail account for dummies.

Steps to open a Gmail Account

Dummies do not understand elaborated guidelines. They only understand the simple steps to create Gmail Account. So if you are a dummy follow these simple steps below.

Step 1 Gmail Account

In order to open a Gmail account, you need to go to the Google account creation page.

Step 2 Gmail Account

Fill out information such as first name, last name, username, and password. The username that you enter here will be shown on your Gmail ID. (…………………[email protected]) If you wish you can customize your Gmail ID the way you want.

Choose your password very carefully. It will be easy to remember but also hard to break. Start entering a password with simple letters and numbers. Do not use signs. We advise that you keep a note of your username and password.

Confirm your password by typing it again.

Step 3

Enter your birth date, your gender, and your mobile number. Google will ask you to verify your mobile number. Google will send you a code via text or via phone call. You can choose which method you prefer. Verify it by entering that code. But all this process will take place after you confirm the first page.

If you think this is too tough, you can just buy Google accounts. Click here to Get Google Account.

Step 4

Give your location if you want to. It’s not recommended.

Add your current email address if you already have one. This is to make your new email address even more secure. Your older email address will work as a backup in case you forget your password for the new one.

Step 5

Check the “terms and agreement” and press the confirm button. And that’s it your done. Now you have a Gmail account.

Step 6

Go to your Gmail home page. Enter a profile picture if you like. Follow the guidelines provided by Google to use your Gmail to its full potential.


That is how you will open a Gmail account. It is very simple and safe. We hope our article was helpful.

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