How to use Gmail Properly?

Guide to use Gmail Account


How to use Gmail Properly?

In a previous blog, we have talked about how to open a Gmail account. It is one of the most popular email service providers on the internet. It has a reputation for being very useful and user-friendly. Even though it is very old and also popular, some people fail to use this service properly. Today we are going to talk about how to use a Gmail account.

Guide to use Gmail Account

Here we are going to briefly discuss some of the functions of Gmail It’s not everything but it should get you going in terms of first-time use.

  1. Sending an email

Open your Gmail account and click on the “plus button” if you are using the Gmail app. If you are using Gmail from your computer then click on the “compose button” which is on the left top site. A box will appear when you click it. Now enter the email address where you want to send the email. Add a subject in the subject bar and below that write your message. When you are done press send, which looks like an arrow pointing right.

In the new Gmail, you can even attach files from your storage or from Google Drive.

Email management on Gmail

It is very easy to manage your inbox. Your inbox is categorized into 3 sections. One is for primary emails that you receive, another one is for your social activity and notifications, and the last one is for your promotional activities. You can make more sections if you want to, from your settings menu. Go here to buy Google accounts.

  • Managing labels
  • You can create labels on Gmail. Labels work just like folders on computers. You can select an email and then choose a label. When you do that your email will automatically be sent to the label. This way you will be able to manage a lot of your emails. Your emails will be much easier to find.  You won’t have to scroll an infinite amount of emails from top to bottom.

    Saving contacts Gmail

    You can save contacts on. By using the Google contact app you can save contacts directly from your phone. You can even add new contacts by pressing the plus button on the app on the web. By saving contacts on this app, Gmail will allow you to use contact information to send an email any time by just clicking on them and not writing their full Email address.

    Final words

    Unfortunately, these are all the features we are able to talk about in this article. There are many more features of Gmail, but the ones that we have talked about here will get you started. We hope you can get the full potential of Gmail.

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